Kenya Moore's girl, Brooklyn Daly, has a lot of fun in front of the TV, eats popcorn and fans are amazed to see this video


Kenya Moore shared a video about her baby, the Brooklyn Daly social media account, which has amazed fans. The beautiful baby is eating popcorn while watching television, and fans ate simply amazed.

Watch the clip below and you'll see that it will definitely make your day.

‘Watch #volta as you see mom in #RHOA Kenya❤️’ Kenya captioned the video.

A follower said: "It looks like it has grown! I mean, I like it. With popcorn. Lol, she's so cute," and a follower posted this: "Look how tuned she is! That's an intelligent baby." .

Someone else said: "It's just that the original popcorn or the puff pastry is eating it too well … so pretty," and another follower posted this: "It's really nice to eat those popcorn like a big girl … Brooklyn is so pretty. "

Another follower posted this: "She's such a sweet baby watching a show like a little lady," and another commenter posted: "I'm angry because she acts like she doesn't have a year." This baby is already adorable right now, hahaha. "

A fan also talked about the girl and said: www Awww Kenya so cute! And the way he is eating those popcorn while watching the program carefully, hehe. "

Someone posted this: "Wow, he likes popcorn … he seems to know what's going on," and another fan talked about Brookie and said: "Brooklyn is so much fun!" Watching the show like an adult woman eating popcorn! "

Another Instagram installer thanked Kenya for sharing photos and videos with her beautiful miraculous baby: "Thank you, Kenya, Brooklyn is beautiful, thank you for sharing that God continues to bless you and your beautiful family."


Apart from this, Kenya gave her baby some new wheels, and the girl simply loves her new vehicle.

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