Kandi Burruss lands in trouble after making this revelation about her daughter, Riley Burruss: some fans of the "real Atlanta housewives,quot; say this is too much and her husband, Todd Tucker, agrees


The last episode of the hit series Bravo The true housewives of Atlanta He surprised viewers with the revelation that Kandi Burruss pays $ 5,547 each month for the elegant two-bedroom apartment of his 16-year-old daughter, Riley Burruss.

Being the daughter of a famous mother has its advantages, and Riley is no exception, since Kandi's connections in New York secured her son with an internship at a prestigious law firm in the big city.

Kandi thought that since her child was going to be alone in New York City, she would need a new place to stay.

However, what Riley received was more than the ordinary intern is accustomed to, since the apartment he is going to live in has a huge rooftop terrace, and the place offers a beautiful view of the city.

Kandi, 43, accompanied by her spouse, Todd Tucker, her son, Ace, 3, and Todd's daughter, 23, Kaela, visited Riley's new new home for a final inspection before the Teen will settle.

It seems that the reality television star was impressed because when he saw the luxurious apartment, Kandi enthusiastically stated that Riley was living life and then added: "She goes on, like the Jeffersons,quot; regarding her daughter.

Meanwhile, Todd also seemed moved by Riley's privileged life by stating that even at just sixteen, he got a Porsche and a high-rise apartment in the city.

However, even though Riley enjoys a beautiful apartment and a vehicle, she still has a lot to learn, for example, the teenager was not aware that not all freezers had ice machines or that she had to clean her bathroom. herself, something she has never done before.

One person had this reaction to the video: "Everyone doesn't want their children to suffer and fight. Some people don't feel the need to add that pain to their children's lives. Unfortunately, you spoil yourself, but you can still teach children to be grateful and compassionate beings. "

Another Instagram installer wrote: "I agree with Todd … although his mother has money … it means yes … learn to fight and succeed on your own … that is spoiling a child of that age. .. that's crazy,quot;. "

This social media user revealed: “Wow, she said she thought every freezer had an ice machine, just broken, but well, when I moved at 18, I insisted on a refrigerator with the ice machine on the door . 🤣 "


This is a new phase for the whole family.

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