Justin Bieber fans worry that their marriage to Hailey Bieber can't survive a tour: should the singer take more time?


Can Justin Bieber handle going on tour? Would he survive his marriage to Hailey Bieber? These are new fears that worry fans, as they feel that Justin suffers emotional distress. Since Justin and Hailey got married for the second time on September 30, 2019, fans have been worried that he doesn't seem to be in a happy place. They remember the stress and depression he dealt with when he went on tour in 2017 for his latest album. Purpose, and stress proved too much. Justin shortened his journey and sought the cure of his emotional problems.

He seems much happier since he married Hailey and they don't want to see Justin go through any personal setbacks. When it comes to Justin's fans, they care more about his emotional health and well-being than his music or even seeing him on the tour.

They don't want him to try too hard and are willing to wait for him to make sure he is in the best possible place before releasing the album and touring to promote it.

They also want to make sure that Hailey can handle Justin while on tour for a long time and many of his fans say they just don't believe Justin and Hailey are in the right place for him to go on tour.

They think that the last thing Justin Bieber needs is for his relationship with Hailey to suffer or be worse, for the couple to separate or divorce!

The photos of Justin Bieber captured in California on November 27, 2019 have many of his fans worried about his emotional health.

Just as there are many fans who want to see Justin and Hailey survive their difficulties, there are those who feel that they should divorce Hailey and try to meet Selena Gomez. What do you think of Justin Bieber and Hailey? Do you think their relationship can survive Justin on tour?


Should Justin first focus on his well-being and marriage and keep the album and tour until he is 100 percent ready and makes sure Hailey can handle the pressures that will come along with both?

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