Irina Shayk stuns at the British Fashion Awards in Burberry when people suggest post boyfriend Bradley Cooper options


Irina Shayk was surprised at the British Fashion Awards with Burberry and presented an aspect of natural and attenuated makeup created by Charlotte Tilbury's niece, Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury. The beautiful appearance comes when people discuss who would be the perfect match for the mother of a 33-year-old, now that she and Bradley Cooper have moved enough to consider dating. Six months have passed since their separation and a new report says that Irina is ready for love again.

While it may take a while to find the perfect match, it is certainly looking perfect as it thrives on its hectic schedule as a supermodel. Irina continues to land major campaigns and walks in the biggest fashion shows in the industry.

Sofia shared close-up photos and videos of the face of Russian beauty and its finished appearance. Although the makeup looked natural, it accentuated Irina's beautiful blue eyes that glowed with the gray tones of Burberry's dress. Sofia used a soft pink lipstick on Irina and the makeup really accentuated Irina's natural beauty instead of covering and replacing it.

You can watch a video that Sofia shared with Irina Shayk in the following video player.

The full-length Burberry dress is beautiful and featured a high opening in the front that showed Irina's perfectly sculpted leg. The fabric twists created a rosette look that covered the front of the dress and traveled to the side while the dress hugged Irina's waist closely.

The back of the dress was open and celebrity stylist Peter Lux chose to twist Irina's hair in a knotted bun that would complement the twists of the dress.

You can see full photos shared by Burberry, as well as two photos of Peter Lux that show the front and back of Irina's red carpet hairstyle below in the slide show below.

You can see Irina in the photos Burberry shared with her Instagram followers below.

Fans were sad to hear that Irina's relationship with Bradley Cooper had officially ended. While the two are parents of their daughter Lea, Life & Style reports that Irina is ready to move on and find love.

What do you think of the appearance of the red carpet of the British Fashion Awards of Irina Shayk?


Do you have any suggestions or someone in mind that you think would be a good partner for Irina?

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