Christmas gift guide from Chef Emeril Lagasse 2019


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It's cooking season!

With the holiday season at its peak, it's time to start shopping for your loved ones! We meet the famous chef Emeril Lagasse to bring you great gift ideas for those who will spend time in the kitchen these coming weeks.

Christmas shopping can be stressful, but the restaurateur is making our lives easier with his suggestions, including the Power AirFryer 360, and useful tips. "Think about the conversations you have had with the people for whom you are going to buy gifts," Lagasse suggested when conversing with E! News exclusively. "Offer something they have mentioned wanting or something that can make their lives a little easier."

After all, this wonderful time of the year is about showing love to the people you care about most. "The holidays are a good time to step back and enjoy time with my family," the restaurateur and the author shared with us. "We take advantage that children do not go to school and try to travel and be together."

As you count the days until your own vacation break begins, take a look at the 13 items that made Chef Emeril's gift guide this year!

Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360

This holiday season give a meal without fault to the lover of the most beloved food of your life. Chef Emeril's 9-in-1 air fryer can roast a whole turkey for Thanksgiving or be used as a toaster oven to bake your favorite Christmas treats.

Pressure air fryer Emeril Lagasse

If you feel that you are repeating the same dishes for dinner at home, this is for you! This pressure cooker, air fryer AND STEAM all in one will practically not take up space on your counter and will make the same food in your refrigerator (and freezer!) Know and look a little different.

Set of 14-piece stainless steel pots Emeril Lagasse with copper core

Cooking is much easier when you have the right kitchen utensils! This 14-piece stainless steel collection is the perfect gift for holiday makers. The pans and pots come with glass lids and all items are suitable for the oven for true multipurpose use.

9-piece Emeril forged knife block set

Keep your kitchen elegant with this elegant knife set. The pieces have carbon steel blades for a smooth cut and are stored in an engraved wooden block of Emeril Lagasse so that you feel like a true chef.

Emeril K-Cup Big Easy Bold Coffee Portion Pack

There is nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning, so it is no secret that it is the perfect gift. Give Emeril K-Cup Big Easy Brewers to your favorite keurig owner to add a new flavor to your mix.

5-piece bakeware set Emeril Lagasse

The holiday season always means that one thing is for sure: dessert! This 5-piece bakeware set will have no shortage of use by your favorite baker, and who knows, you could even get a small gift!

Fun kitchen towels for Emeril baking

The kitchen is always a place for fun accessories, and these baking towels can remain in rotation throughout the year. This set of 2 will be the perfect gift for the friend who always bakes you cookies and will always consider it when using this practical decoration.

Winged corkscrew Emeril Lagasse

There will be no shortage of wine this Christmas! Give this stainless steel corkscrew to your favorite wine night friend, open a bottle and congratulate a great Christmas season.

Portuguese Olive Oil Saloio

The options for olive oil are endless, but we know that Chef Emeril knows what he is talking about! Give this Portuguese olive oil to your favorite cooking guru and try the difference that this superior quality can make.

Gaspar Chourico Products

Add a kick to any simple dish with Chef Emeril's favorite stew from home. Give this to someone who loves to experiment with their dishes to give a new flavor to the traditional.

Master the art of the French cookbook

Bring the delicacy of French cuisine to your table this holiday giving away one of Chef Emeril's favorite cookbooks. The guide shows Americans how to buy products in the US. UU. They reproduce the flavor and texture of French ingredients, allowing you to cook with exquisite authenticity.

Louisiana Bowfin Cajun Caviar

This seafood dish from Louisiana can be delivered to a gastronomy lover in your life. This is one of the most unique caviar in the harvested market of native Bowfin and captured in the wild. It will be the perfect ornament for canapés in your Christmas cocktail!

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—Published originally on November 24, 2019 at 4 a.m. PT