Angelina Pivarnick plans a "remake,quot; wedding after the hurtful speech of her bridesmaids: she hasn't forgiven them yet!


It turns out that Angelina Pivarnick is still angry about what her teammates in the Jersey Shore cast did at their wedding. You may remember that the bridesmaids had a very hurtful speech on their special day and are still so upset that, according to reports, they plan to have a second ceremony!

It's okay! Angelina Pivarnick wants a "remake,quot; just so that the beginning of her married life is no longer clouded by the speech of the bridesmaids that hurt her so much.

Last month, the bride was so distraught after Deena Cortese, JWoww and Snooki made fun of her that she was furious at her own wedding reception, so it makes sense that she wants to do it again.

Privileged information tells HollywoodLife that Angelina was really hurt and upset at her wedding during the speech, which is why she goes on with just planning another wedding. His sister has been involved in planning to do something else. "

‘Angelina has not forgiven JWoww, Snooki or Deena for her bridesmaids speech and has no plans to do so. It hurt her and her whole family so much and it seems that things are beyond repair, at least for now. They are not even good friends to start. It is quite safe to say that Angelina co-stars will not be invited to the second wedding, "the source said through the same media outlet.

Unfortunately, it was all a nightmare since Angelina did not appreciate the girls who called her "the Staten Island dump,quot; right in front of her family and her husband.

They also made fun of her for being engaged several times.

The source mentioned that the speech was a joke, but the bride obviously did not laugh.


Apparently, after that, Angelina was seen crying, obviously hurt and incredulous that they did that to her.

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