Alex Trebek's wife, Jean, reveals that he trusts the faith in the midst of his battle with cancer


Alex Trebek and his wife Jean have been married for almost 30 years. The couple faces the most difficult challenge in their marriage at this time.

the Danger! The host fights against pancreatic cancer. Alex was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last March, changing his family's life forever.

In an interview with SurvivorNetJean was sincere about how he is dealing with his difficult time. The website is the first video and streaming service dedicated exclusively to cancer prevention and treatment news.

Jean openly said that her faith has been the only thing she can count on while watching her husband fight a deadly disease. Practice Religious Sciences, which uses ancient healing practices such as sound healing, meditation and Reiki, to help guide people in difficult times.

"Ask the universe:" What is the next step for me? The universe will always respond. I am absolutely sure that we live in a benevolent universe that is always conspiring for our greatest and best good, ”Jean shared when asked what advice she would give to others who are going through the same experience as her and her family.

The 54-year-old woman also admitted that she often uses a combination of glass bowls, as well as her own voice, to cause healing in other people.

"It's like when a mother sings a lullaby to her baby. It is the intention in her voice that is calming the baby. She is singing the words of life and beauty to this little baby, and the baby feels that in the vibration of his voice, "he said.

Jean is also the founder of the spiritual blog His site is dedicated to helping readers "to help readers break negative cycles, read and share stories or affirmations to feel good, and find peace within themselves." It is about elevating your husband and anyone else who is dealing with any kind of difficult time.

Alex Trebek's wife, Jean, is using love and faith to help guide him, as well as his entire family through his battle against cancer. She really believes that self-love is a great healing power for others, especially for anyone in crisis.


Over the years, the host of the game show has spoken with affection from his wife, his only regret in life is not having more time with her. Based on her honesty and revelation regarding her faith, it's easy to see why Alex loves her so much. The positive, fresh and loving perspective is something contagious.

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