Toya Wright has the most mystical experience in the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi – See the photos


As you know, Toya Wright is living a really silly experience with her family in Dubai. After Reginae Carter's 21st birthday, Toya and the whole family went on vacation.

Women share photos and videos of dream places on their social media accounts, and they really have the most exciting experiences there.

Now, Toya published new photos of the Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and can also be seen here with Robert Rushing, his sister and Reginae.

‘The great mosque is a masterpiece. It was great and impressive. What a silly experience. Said, 'said Toya.

Somoene published this: ‘The great mosque is everything and it is definitely impressive! This photo is beautiful, "and another follower wrote:" I have a photo in that post of my visit there … it's an impressive opulence! "

Another fan said: ‘The Great Mosque is my favorite. The most beautiful mosque I've ever been to. ❤️ ’and someone else posted this:‘ I miss that view !!! Such a majestic place. Have fun ladies! "

A follower skipped the comments and published: "Beautiful photo, it's great to see people educate themselves in different cultures and not go out to the country by publishing very refreshing bikini photos."

Toya made his fans and fans happy when he finally agreed to marry Robert Rushing not long ago.


Now, the family is living the best life on this incredible journey.

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