The Irish destroys Netflix numbers despite Scorsese urging fans to see him in theaters


Martin Scorsese, before the launch of the Irish He urged people to go see the movie in theaters, however, as a result, most viewers preferred to watch it on Netflix from the comfort of their own home. The Los Angeles Times reported that the film attracted an audience of 13.2 million in the United States during the Thanksgiving weekend.

The data provided by Nielsen revealed that the $ 160 million film, released on November 27, a day before Thanksgiving, was a great success for Scorsese and Netflix. The film starred Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel and Joe Pesci, among others.

The film explored the death of Jimmy Hoffa, played by Mr. Pacino, in addition to organized crime during the 1950s and 1960s in the United States. On the first day of its release, the film attracted around 3.9 million viewers, 20% of whom were men between 50 and 64.

Reportedly, only about 18% of viewers saw everything from beginning to end, which was on par with the other successful Netflix movie, Bird box Bird box, So far, it has been one of Netflix's most successful productions, with a profit of around 16.9 million viewers.

Since the movie was released, the Irish He has received several awards, including the American Film Institute, the National Board of Review and the New York Film Critics Circle. As usual, Netflix did not reveal how much money the movie really made.

According to Nielsen, if Netflix had charged $ 9 per ticket in a theater, the film would have raised approximately $ 120 million in national box office. However, less than 20% of people who watched the movie saw it until the end, at least in the first session.


Martin Scorsese & # 39; s the Irish It was one of the most anticipated films of the year, however, so far, many viewers on social networks complained about the duration of the film. Arriving at 3 hours and 29 minutes, the film was definitely one of the longest in recent years.

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