Teen Mom: David Eason says he can't wait to tell the world "his truth,quot; after an unpleasant separation from Jenelle Evans


Former Teen mom 2 Star David Eason and his wife Jenelle Evans have not said much publicly after their separation, but their actions said a lot when he filed a restraining order against him, with claims that Eason was physically and verbally abusive during his tumultuous two-year marriage . . Now, Eason means "his truth," and is ready to respond to accusations of domestic violence against him.

According to The explosionIn Evans's request for a restraining order, she gave ten examples of different incidents that occurred during her relationship with Eason. And she said her threatening behavior had "escalated,quot; recently.

"Because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large arsenal of weapons, I am afraid for my life and the well-being of my children," Evans wrote.

She continued to write that Eason's actions and temperament made him believe that he would kill himself if she did not return to him. Evans said she fears that her ex-boyfriend will harm her or her children, and that if she doesn't receive the restraining order, threatening text messages, phone calls and Internet messages will continue.

In a new Instagram post, Eason shared a photo of himself at age 15, and wrote in the long legend that his life has not been easy, and will soon address the accusations of domestic violence that Evans made against him so that everyone can Know your "truth."

"This is so embarrassing to post and a bad image on that." My skinny 15-year-old ** with a mop on my head, the vitiligo was just beginning to appear on my face. Apparently I had a girl by my side … And some jewelry in my ears, "Eason wrote." But what nobody sees is the fact that it was a 15-year-old boy who had a full-time job, bought a car before I got a license. I even had my own house in three different places around this time. Going from rent to rent, yes, but hell, I know some men ** grow up to STILL do that. "


Eason went on to say that only three years after the photo was taken, he married and had his first child on the way. Eason wrote that he has always had difficulties on his way through life, and he learned to spend focusing on the day he was given and learning from the past.

Then he called his enemies and told them to laugh at him, but remember that nobody knows his story. Eason said "they've given him the end of the stick more than anyone else," but he knows he always does it one way or another.

"God bless all who believe in me, I can't wait to give you my truth!" Eason wrote.

Surprisingly, the comments in the publication have been supportive and positive. But one fan noted that while there is no doubt that everything fans see on camera is not the most accurate representation of who Eason is, it might be helpful to have a more open mind about people who are not like him because they could have a path as hard as Eason's.


Jenelle Evans will return to Teen mom 2 on MTV in the new season now that his relationship with David Eason is over.

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