Seth Green to reprise his role as Oz on the restart of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer,quot; – Look at his answer!


The diehard fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are excited about the reboot that is in the plans after almost two decades, but can they see some of their favorite characters on the screen? Seth Green, who played Oz, revealed whether he will play his role again or not!

Seth has been busy with his philanthropic work, this time preparing to participate in the event called "The World’s Big Sleep Out,quot; by Charity On Top, which will take place at the Rose Bowl tomorrow.

Still, he had enough time to answer the hot question during a conversation with HollywoodLife about the cause.

You may know that none of the iconic actors who portrayed the original characters of the supernatural show of the 90s has been released on the restart.

However, when asked if he would be willing to return as Oz in Buffy if he had the chance, the actor was quick to say that "he would probably do anything Joss Whedon wanted."

It is good to hear! Maybe fans will receive a surprise cameo after all?

Meanwhile, the actor will read a story before going to bed at The World’s Big Sleep Out tomorrow night.

The event is supposed to raise awareness about the problem of homelessness and at the same time show solidarity with those who need a home by inviting people to sleep together under the stars!

About the cause, Seth told the media that falta Homelessness is proving to be a critical problem in many cities in America. It is a major problem that cannot be solved with one thing. This type of fundraising benefits several organizations that are working in different parts of this complicated problem. It is easy to feel hopeless. Whether he is homeless or a person in Los Angeles who witnesses the growth of this problem and the plight of those affected. "

He went on to say: ‘I hope we can raise awareness about the solutions and raise a lot of money to help those in need directly. Check the website and the list of organizations connected to this event. It is worth contributing to everyone and knowing them. Also volunteer where you can: everyone needs help. "

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