Rasheeda Frost shares her latest discovery for healthy and silky skin: watch the video


Rasheeda Frost shared a new find she discovered at Target while doing some Christmas shopping. Boss Lady found some products for healthy and silky skin, and shared them on her social media account so that her fans and followers also saw them.

Watch the short video he made next.

‘So I found Target for some items I needed and I found this Chocolate holiday gift set. It is a body oil and a deep conditioner that smells great! My skin feels so silky! Aerosol body oil is a pump … The products are from @camillerosenaturals, of which I hear great things, so I can't wait to try it! "Rasheeda subtitled his publication.

Somoene said: ‘You know that I am one of your biggest fans! I like this. And love you! Thanks for sharing!!! ❤️💯 ’

Another follower said: "I can't wait to hear your results after trying it, girl, I need deep skin conditioning."

Someone thanked Mrs. Boss for shopping in places like Target: "You can tell when a person is still normal and it is not like that when they enter Target or Walmart."

A follower praised Rasheeda and said: “ You are a very incredible woman and you always do incredible things, it is a very good thing to tell someone for that reason you are the best in what you do thanks for sharing that news with your followers. so amazing and beautiful thanks & # 39 ;.

One commenter wrote: "Cute with a natural bruh face, I swear you're the best cast of love and hip hop," and someone else posted this: "Yes! @Rasheeda, you're a true queen!"

In other news, Rasheeda is always changing her appearance and hairstyle, and even if she has beautiful natural hair, she likes to change it from time to time.


She likes to wear colorful wigs, and just the other day, she wore a rose that looks amazing on her.

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