OG Chijindu continues to talk about his experience with basketball wives, but some fans think he is exaggerating


OG Chijindu got the majority of Basketball Wives spectators on his side when he defended himself and called Evelyn Lozada. However, he may be exaggerating by continuing to hit his co-stars in interviews months after the show aired his meeting.

If he doesn't know yet, the retired soccer player accused his co-stars Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O & # 39; Neal for being colorists after they repeatedly called her aggressive for just threatening to do the things that several castmates had already physically done

Users and viewers of social networks agreed with her and defended the athlete online so much that O'Neal was forced to broadcast a separate conversation about how they could have made Chijindu feel.

On Thursday, OG spoke with WGCI 107.5 where he continued talking about his experience in the program.

‘Every time I opened my mouth I was not allowed to express my opinion and every time I did, I was belittled, belittled. No one else received that same type of treatment. You know that I am not stupid, you know that I am an intelligent person, you know that I know how to analyze things. When we say the word aggressive, do we understand the definition? If everyone understands the origin of the word aggression and aggressive, you have to do something physical. I haven't done anything physical. "

When the excerpts from the interview were republished on blogs, fans felt I was dragging the subject too long.

‘I love OG but I think she stretches in this colorism. They were simply enemies! Run with that OG. Talk about how they were really scared. Run with tht. But I don't think colorism has played a role in anything! I wasn't there, so I could be wrong! "Said one commentator.

Another added: "I love you OG, but you have to keep going."

This person shared the same feelings: ‘😴 Are we still in this? Girl moves TF now. The show is over. "


Do you think the reality star is taking it too far?

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