NeNe Leakes: will you be at Cynthia Bailey's wedding while they work to end their enmity? – She reveals!


Looks like NeNe Leakes may finally be ready to end his fight with co-star Cynthia Bailey! Does that mean she will attend her next wedding or not?

While chatting with HollywoodLife, the Real Housewives celebrity talked about her current relationship with her cast partner and more!

That said, since Cynthia will marry her man, Mike Hill, NeNe was asked if she would attend the ceremony or not, if they invited her.

"Yes, of course," was NeNe's simple and straightforward answer.

As I was so sure of that, it seems that the two are really on their way to bury the ax once and for all!

Then he shared with the same media that "We weren't the best friends, we were good friends." We care for each other in a moment, yes. "

But while NeNe has made many murky, and perhaps even insulting, comments about his ex-friend during his fight, it turns out that he doesn't regret anything he had said before, even if he is making amends at the moment.

‘No, I don't regret it. I agree with most of the things I say, I can tell you that. I do not regret what I said. That is what I saw and I will not recover my thoughts, "he explained.


At this time, he is still unsure of how things will turn out between them, but since much of his progress has already been filmed for the show, he made sure to make fun that fans & # 39; will have to tune into the show to See where Cynthia is and I am. & # 39;

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