Nene Leakes says there are things that happen behind the scenes that viewers cannot see and that is not fair


Nene Leakes has solidified his place as Head Housewife in Charge on Real Housewives of Atlanta, giving him the luxury of being able to enter and leave whenever he wants. According to a recent interview he completed, the Broadway star may not return to season 13.

Leakes feels that there are many things that happen behind the scenes that viewers cannot see, which is unfair. This is not the first time that Nene complains about the edition of the program.

Many reality stars, especially Bravolebrities, feel that they are portrayed in a certain way on television that is different from how they are in real life.

In the current RHOA broadcast season, Glee's student feels that Cynthia Bailey has "another side,quot; for her that is not shown and has contributed to her enmity. In addition, Nene is still fighting with Kenya Moore, who has returned to be a fan favorite.

Up News Info asked Leakes if season 12 would be the last to which she replied: "I don't know … I really don't know." I never know what I am doing until the season ends and we talk about it. I just think there are many things that are not fair. Only things that: behind the scenes, things that you can't see. So I just have to talk to my team and decide what is best for me. "

In the same interview, Gregg's wife revealed that Bravo may be changing the problem he mentioned.

"I see that they begin to show a little the personalities of these other girls." Because I have felt over the years, many girls have obtained passes for any reason. Maybe there just wasn't a character they didn't want viewers to see. But this year, I feel they are showing these girls a little more faithful to who they are in the program. "


It seems he may be implying the next story where Bailey was recorded speaking negatively about Nene.

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