Michelle Williams reveals the only negative thing about being part of Destiny's boy with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland: the singer also has a smart idea for the other Michelle Williams


Now that the cat is out of the bag and Destiny’s Child’s diva, Michelle Williams, has been revealed as the Butterfly in the Masked Singer, she has decided to participate in several interviews.

The actress has been talking about her days as a member of the famous band with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, her struggle with depression, her insecurities and her confusion forever with Michelle Williams, the actress.

She was very honest about the fact that some DC fans don't see her as a favorite. Williams confessed that although he knew he was entering, he did not expect some of the harsh comments he has been receiving for many years.

She explained: "Of course, I entered a group that already existed, it's not like I was a founding member, so it's like I already have an,quot; X "on my back. That insecurity started 20 years ago, if I'm honest. And it simply builds and builds because I feel that I will never be able to please anyone. Until I can get to a place where I think: "People who are for me are for me, they buy my music, they support the programs that I do,quot; , it could take a while to get to that point. "

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Thanks to @livingwatersnc, a place of healing, I discovered that I had no emotional needs met as a child. Everything I needed became a wish. I have tried for the past 19 years to meet those needs in relationships. Literally attached to a man here and there … 2 years here, 4 years there, another 2 years here, another 3 years there … you get an idea. I have wanted love, security, affirmation and still EMPTY. Failed relationships. Well, what does that tell me? What I want can only be found in one person. God!! The love of God is what I seek! Love that will fill these empty spaces. A true relationship based on love and not performance. Performance-based love is "if you do this for me, I will do it for you." God's love is unconditional. I don't have to act for that. God has been waiting a long time to have Himself. I have had to face the pain and let God heal these places. Accept that it is a process, not a fast microwave either. …………… .. #love #iwillbebackonigsoon #transparency #healing Photo by @sterlingpics A look from @stylistjbolin

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She went on to say: "Sometimes, social networks … it's bad when you read the comments. I like interacting with people on social networks. I don't want to talk to people who are friendly because there are some bad ones out there. But sometimes , before you get to the good guys, you have to go through a couple of bad guys. Apparently, I don't have the most commercially attractive voice or whatever. People have their favorites, but vocally I wasn't a favorite in the group, and that made me It was recorded. ”

As for the constant confusion with other famous celebrities who share her name, she declared that she would love to work with her and added: "Especially when it's time for Oscar or Emmy, I receive all the labels. Or if she has been fabulous on the red carpet , several bloggers or publications will tag me. I just go with that. Sometimes I answer and say, "Thank you very much! I love the outfit she is wearing, but Michelle is wrong. "And they laugh and say," My God, I'm so sorry! "I think he went to a Stevie Wonder concert and they expected me to do it. He showed up, but it was she who showed it, so they said," It's okay, Michelle, come in! "It would be a funny joke if we ever do something based on our names. It would be really funny like Jimmy Fallon, something like that. Hopefully, that could be something fun. "


Michelle is being very real.

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