Kenya Moore shares the new Brooklyn Daly wheels – Check out the happy baby that will make your day


Kenya Moore gave her baby, Brooklyn Daly, some new wheels, and the girl simply loves her new vehicle. Watch the video that Kenya shared on Brookie's social media account below.

As you probably know, Kenya created an Instagram account for her baby Brooklyn, where the proud mom shares several photos and videos just to keep the baby fans up to date with her growth and more.

Fans got excited about baby Brookie, and called her a happy baby once again.

The truth is that almost in all the photos and videos that her mother shares on social networks, the girl is smiling and laughing.

Someone said: ‘Too cute. I think she wants to go faster. Just wait until you can reach those traffickers. Keep sharing🎉. You are an amazing mom 💞 ’and another follower posted this:‘ She is a very happy baby! That's all love ❤️ ’

Another follower said: "That's so cute! It's ready to go, mom! You're an amazing mother @thekenyamoore, I'm glad God bless you with your bundle of joy!"

An Instagram installer posted "That's a baby who LOVES his life @thekenyamoore," and a follower wrote: "It's like I'm ready, mom, let me put this pedal on the metal lol too cute."

Someone else posted this: ‘And that is the only energy or situation that one has to worry about being near a child or a children's party. Because anyone who thinks so low of the group to act on such an occasion is murky, yes, Eva, hahaha. "

A commenter sprouted over Kenya and said: ‘Kenya, your laugh is full of happiness. That really touched my heart, I'm crying. Very happy for you … Be happy always. Brooklyn is beautiful like her mom. "

In other news, Kenya went through many things to have her miraculous baby, Brooklyn Daly.


If you follow her on social networks, you should know that she recently talked about infertility and all the difficulties she had to have to have her baby.

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