Julia Stiles fondly remembers working with Heath Ledger


Julia Stiles starred with the late Heath Ledger in the 90's cult classic 10 things I hate about you. The actress recently talked about working with the actor, and even remembered one of her favorite days on the set with him.

On Friday, Stiles appeared in Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen, where a fan called to ask him to describe his favorite day working on any movie set.

The answer turned out to be a day he spent with Ledger in the 90's movie. It was the day the Australian actor had to play Frankie Valli and "Four Can & # 39; t Take My Eyes Off Of You,quot; from Four Season.

“My favorite memory of that day, all day, was simply phenomenal. I mean, run and go down those steps of the stadium and nobody knew he had that incredible voice. He just came out and I could see him, ”he happily shared with host Andy Cohen.

As for the long-standing rumors that it was Stiles who suggested Ledger sing the famous song during the now iconic scene, well, she also answered that.

“No, it was definitely not my idea. I wish … I will take the credit for it, "Hustlers star revealed, after jokingly admitting that it was his whole brilliant idea.

Stiles and Ledger became one of the most beloved couples on the screen of the 1999 film, which was a great role for both. His chemistry was off the charts. Today, 10 things I hate about you It's still as popular as ever, finding new audiences 20 years after it hit theaters.

The late actor, who died tragically in 2008 from a drug overdose, is not the only famous co-star Stiles talks about.

Fans will remember that he worked with Scandal Kerry Washington in the 2001 movie, Save the last dance. The actress revealed even then that she knew that Washington was destined for stardom and the success of Hollywood. It was the first important role in a Washington movie, but Stiles knew he had something special.

Two decades have passed since Julia Stiles appeared in the romantic comedy. 10 things I hate about you, with Heath Ledger. However, lovingly remember your time on the set as if it were yesterday. He even admitted that one of his favorite days on the set was a day he spent filming with Ledger.


His love story will make anyone smile, but he will also miss the talented Australian actor a little more.

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