Erica Mena remembers what has happened to get to where she is today


Erica Mena is living her best life, and you could say she has everything someone could ask for. She is married to the love of her life, Safaree, and also awaits her baby.

But Erica doesn't forget that you should be grateful for what you have, and she always makes sure to remember the difficulties she had to go to get to where she is today.

"Blessings are different when you remember what you've been through to get them." Dress: @fashionnova, Erica captioned its publication.

Someone said: Ha You make my old ass want to have a baby! Absolutely wonderful "and another follower published this:" I need you to give birth and I feel you have been pregnant for a year. "

One commenter wrote: ‘Pregnancy suits you, girl. Hell by the end of the third quarter, my ass used to be black as hell from the neck up. "

Someone else said: ‘You get more beautiful every day! That shine is amazing! I need that shit sold in a bottle! "And another fan posted:" I love that you didn't want to sound anyway, you're beautiful in every way, believe me. "

A fan told Erica: & # 39; You're not lying, mom … Wishing them a blessed delivery for you and your baby🤗❤️ & # 39; and someone else posted this: & # 39; Amen, I needed to hear that I love you and I'm happy for you & # 39; all congratulations on the wedding and the baby & # 39;

Another follower praised the couple: "You are so beautiful that I hope you and Safaree have many years and blessed memories together."

It seems that Erica can't stop posting photos with her pregnant belly on her social media account.


Fans told him that they had never seen anyone more proud of their pregnancy, and they had also been praising their beauty.

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