DraftKings Week 14 Picks: the best alignment stacks for NFL DFS tournaments, cash games


Week 14 is the largest DFS main list we've seen in a time with 13 games. I love these types of blackboards for cash games, as we can expect many NFL DFS players to make sub-optimal plays with the additional volume of players in the player group. This is also a week in which you can become fashionable with your DraftKings GPP alignment stacks, and you probably have a massive score to defeat a tournament. What makes this week even more intriguing is that there is no obvious place to stack games, and no game has a total of 50 points or more.

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Week 14 NFL DFS Selections: the best DraftKings stacks for cash games

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and WR DeVante Parker, Miami Dolphins @ Jets

During the first weeks of the season, I didn't think that at any time I would consider playing a stack of Dolphins in cash games. However, this team has shown real value in what is clearly a reconstruction phase of several years, and you have to give them a lot of credit. Fitzpatrick has been playing for the past month and is coming off his best game of the season against the Eagles. Its price has risen throughout the industry, but you have to feel good about your prospects this week against a bad Jets secondary. Miami has been reduced to its third and fourth rope runners, so Fitzpatrick is expected to press for about 40 pass attempts: he has averaged 41 attempts per game in the last three weeks.

The option of transparent top stacking with Fitzpatrick is Parker. Parker has been one of the best scorers in the league in the last month, and its target volume is what we are looking for from a player at its price. He has seen 10 or more goals in each of his last four games and has averaged 113.5 yards per game in those contests. It feels strange to pay so much salary for a player who had been tagged as a first-round draft until this point in his career, but it's hard to miss it in a big showdown with the Jets in a week where many of the highest receivers Finals are in tough clashes.

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QB Kyle Allen and RB Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers @ Falcons

With 13 games on this list, I prioritize raw points in cash games and I bet other players make sub-optimal plays with more players in the player group. Because of this, I am giving McCaffrey priority in cash games, and I think there is more than enough value for his high salary to work. CMC is coming out of a "bad,quot; week for its standards against the Redskins, but is in an ideal place to recover this week against the Falcons. McCaffrey can reach his salary expectations only in volume, something he did against the Falcons in week 11, when he recorded 191 yards of scrimmage and 11 receptions.

Obviously, you can play McCaffrey alone, but I don't mind the idea of ​​paying the quarterback and stacking it with Allen. While Allen has certainly had his ups and downs this season, his price is right at DraftKings at $ 5,700. The Panthers have certainly let Allen launch early and often with him trying 43 or more pass attempts in three of his last four games. Allen's ceiling probably has a limit of about 25 FPTS, but I feel better about including Allen in cash games over other value quarterbacks like David Blough, Derek Carr and Gardner Minshew.

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Week 14 DraftKings Picks: the best accumulations for GPP / daily fantasy football tournaments

QB Ryan Tannehill and WR A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans

There haven't been many quarterbacks in the league who have been better than Tannehill since taking over Marcus Mariota earlier this season. Tennessee will always be a team that seeks to establish the race through Derrick Henry. Still, Tannehill has been extremely efficient with his limited pass attempts, and has demonstrated sufficient trouble to give him a stable floor at his price. This week, Tannehill records only $ 7,300 in FanDuel and $ 5,700 in DraftKings in a major showdown against a Raiders defense that has looked awful in recent weeks and has given up the fourth most fantastic points in the NFL to quarterbacks. opponents With many of the high-end quarterback options in tough clashes, I have no problem spending tannehill in tournaments.

While I don't mind playing Tannehill alone, for large field tournaments, I want to correlate it with Brown, who has shown himself to be the most reliable pass receiver of the Titans. Brown has a much better value in FanDuel at $ 5,400 than in DraftKings at $ 5,300, but it shouldn't be very owner in any of the sites. The floor is low for Brown, who has averaged five goals per game in his last four games, but his physique and his large capture radius make it a mismatch for an Oakland defense that is located in the DvP of the last 10 against wide receivers opposed this season.

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QB Philip Rivers, RB Austin Ekeler and WR Mike Williams, Los Angeles Chargers @ Jaguars

This feels like a week in which it will take an out of the pile of boxes to defeat a great field GPP with 13 games on the board. Many of the main offensives we would normally aim for are in difficult confrontations, so going down to some of these second level units makes a lot of sense. The Chargers are a team that I analyze carefully as they head to Jacksonville to face the fight of the Jaguars. The total in this game is only 43, but I like that number to be exceeded considering how poor these defenses have been playing in the second half of the season.
Rivers has had problems this year, and there are rumors that he is about to be sent to the bank. With that in mind, he has played a very difficult calendar for the quarterbacks, and this is the best match he has seen since Week 4 against the Dolphins, where he pitched for 310 yards and two touchdowns.

I like RB Melvin Gordon this week, but for a stack with Rivers I will be on the side of Ekeler, who is much more involved in the air game. I expected Ekeler to arrive this week cheaper than its price of $ 6,300, but that should limit his ownership in GPP. The touch floor for Ekeler is far from safe, but has shown excellent efficiency with his touches since Gordon returned to the lineup from his holdout.

The final piece of this stack will be Williams. It's been a difficult year for Williams, who doesn't have a single touchdown after being a red zone monster in 2018. Like Alvin Kamara, I'd be surprised if Williams doesn't have at least some positive touchdown regression before the end of the Williams season is being used as the main threat from the field down to the Chargers this season, and its target yards are among the highest in the NFL. You can certainly go with Keenan Allen in this place, but I'm going to take advantage of the Williams dollar point to save some salary for the rest of the lineup.

It should be noted that this pile depends on the Chargers playing behind and passing the ball often, so running this pile with a Jaguar like Leonard Fournette or DJ Chark makes a lot of sense from the perspective of game theory.

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