Chrissy Teigen, embarrassed for not having covered up enough around her daughter in a new photo – Look at her answer!


Here is a little more embarrassment to mothers dotted with shame of whores if you thought there hasn't been much in Hollywood lately! After the model Chrissy Teigen went to social networks to share a photo in which she opened her jacket in front of her daughter, Luna, people beat her for not wearing underwear around the child!

Actually, the click made it look like the little Moon was the one who dressed and combed her.

Anyway, his followers had some negative things to say about it and the mother quickly defended herself, explaining why she doesn't need to "cover,quot; herself in front of her own daughter.

The photo caption reads: "On the set with my stylist," and shows Chrissy's thighs and side tits under her open jacket between shots for a new photo shoot.

While the image of the cute mother and daughter duo also received high praise, a troll, in particular, was very malicious, he even accused her of not even wearing underwear in the photo and almost never!

Ever Have you ever worn underwear? 🤔, ’read the inappropriate question.

Chrissy's answer? – "Are you cold up there?"

Another enemy continued the mother's shame with a comment that said: "Jesus cover your daughter there," suggesting that she put more clothes in front of her daughter.

But the mother said Luna "sucked him for months and doesn't care much."

Chrissy always has the best answers every time they drag her to social media for the most ridiculous things!


In fact, she never accepts criticism without applauding and that gave her a rather rude nickname of no less than Donald Trump, the PRESIDENT, who called her "John Legend's dirty mouth wife."

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