Chris Soules attends the first red carpet event in two years: reveals what it's like to be back in the spotlight


After 2 years, it seems that Chris Soules will be the center of attention again! Since it has been so long since he took a break from his public life, how does it feel to return slowly from this holiday season?

The former Bachelor attended the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball of KIIS FM and marked his first red carpet event since 2017!

Talking to ET, of course, he was asked how it felt to be back in Hollywood after such a long time being away.

Soules emphasized that his appearance in the Jingle Ball was not exactly an official return and, instead, was there only to enjoy the concert with his friends Ashley Iaconetti, her husband Jared Haibon, Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

The married couple rushed to the same news media about how excited they were to hang out with Soules and how happy they were to return.

The Bachelor student said that, although he moved away from the center of attention, he learned a very valuable lesson, which is that "being close to family and friends is key."

When asked about his love life, Soules mentioned that although he has been dating, there is nothing too serious in his life right now.

Anyway, the man has high hopes that next year will be the best yet!

As you will remember, the reason why Soules left Hollywood at the time was that he was arrested for allegedly leaving the scene of a car accident before the police could appear.

The 66-year-old farmer who was driving the other vehicle involved in the collision, a truck, was taken to the hospital later, but unfortunately passed away.

As a result, Soules received a two-year probation for fleeing the scene of a fatal accident.


When asked what is next for him, Soules mentioned that "you have to move on in life and just do your thing, become a better person."

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