Chris Brown's baby mom, Ammika Harris, shows her impressive post-baby figure in pink / angel costume and hits those who ask to see her son, Aeko's photo


It is rumored that Ammika Harris, 26, not only has a relationship with Chris Brown, but also gave birth to her son recently.

Although none of them have confirmed that they are involved, stories about Ammika's birth continue to circulate on the Internet.

In addition, the alleged new mother posted a mysterious message recently on Instagram that made many of her followers wonder if that was not a clue for her to have a baby.

The alleged girlfriend of the famous singer and dancer updated her Instagram story with a new image that only had one word, "TIRED,quot;, written in capital letters and anyone without further explanation.

Since the cryptic message appeared only a week after Ammika allegedly gave birth to her firstborn, her followers speculated that she could have been tired of the stress that many new mothers experience.

Harris had already hinted at the existence of his baby before, when he shared another message in his Instagram story that said: "I was in love when I saw you for the first time," shortly after, the first rumors about his birth appeared.

So far, Brown has not addressed the stories by saying that he has become a father for the second time, but he has also been leaving hints on his Instagram as Ammika.

First, he titled one of his publications with the date "20-11-2019,quot; without further explanation, and then shared a selfie, in which the 30-year-old singer wore a hoodie with "BORN,quot; written on it. .

Meanwhile, music star fans were convinced that the baby's name was Aeko after Brown shared another selfie with him wearing a jacket with the words "RoRo & Aeko."

As "RoRo,quot; is the nickname he uses for his daughter, Royalty, so "Aeko,quot; must be for his newborn son.

Meanwhile, Harris took social media this week, where he dropped an amazing photo on a pink body with angels.

She used the subtitle to tell people to stop meddling.

She wrote: "It is none of your business."
One person had this reaction:
"Where is the baby we saw to see you?"
A sponsor responded:
"Read the caption and maybe you'll find it."
Another person stated:
"Nobody makes fun of the legend of the dam 😂😂😂😂 we want to see the baby !!"


Brown seems to be maturing.

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