Celine Dion's number one album takes a surprising drop in the charts, says Insider "All Hell Has Broken Loose,quot;


The last album of Céline Dion Value debuted at number one on the charts last week, but then made history in Chart Data after suffering the biggest drop in history. After a week at number one, Value He fell completely from the top 100, and this has not gone well with the legendary singer.

According to Page six, Dion is "upset,quot; by the album's shocking slide out of the first place.

"She is angry. All hell has been unleashed. The only reason she sold 100,000 was for the whole package that makes the labels, but only sold around 3,000 the second week," a source revealed.

The disappointing performance of the album is not the only problem with Dion, as numerous sources claim that his best friend Pepe Muñoz, who is also the creative director and backup dancer of Dion, has isolated the singer and successfully got rid of some of the main members of Dion. Your inner circle

“Without René (the late husband and manager of Dion), nobody knows what they are doing. He is being controlled by a person who told him that René was an old man and should live as if he were 20 years old. That is your state of mind, "said the source.

However, Dion's team closed those rumors this summer when they said the so-called "sources,quot; had "nothing better to do than spread false gossip."

When Dion released his new album at Lips NYC Drag Queen Show & Palace Restaurant last month, he said that Value It was a long process that forced her to travel through different emotions.

Another source said that Dion is proud of the new album, and that the singer is being so successful with him that it is "bad to repeat these stories of Pepe." The source said that Dion is living her best life, and that she is doing her thing. better after something horrible happened to her.

“His tour is very good. It looks great and it's very good. Everything else is bulls –t, ”said the source.


Celine Dion kicked off the American stage of her last tour on September 18. And, according to Billboard Boxscore, he has raised $ 33.2 million in the first 19 shows. Even if fans aren't buying the album, they're definitely showing up to see Celine Dion in concert.

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