Camila Cabello shares what she and Shawn Mendes do daily as a couple: "kissing is a lot,quot;


Camila Cabello had nothing to hide when asked to share what she and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes do together every day. It turns out that the couple of singers likes to kiss, a lot!

When they have some free time, since they are very busy people, they both like to spend their time with each other, and that means such a hot romance!

While in Sirius XM Hits 1, where he came to talk about his tour, he also revealed some spicy details about his relationship with Shawn.

The discussion began with a mention of her music video for Miss before they asked Camila what she does with her boyfriend these days.

His answer was simple and to the point: "Kissing is a lot."

Smiling, she continued saying that ‘No, I'm kidding. Maybe. But anyway … When we are able to hang out, I just don't know what we do … it happens so fast! "

The singer then revealed that it would be great if they found more time to watch TV together.

She said they are planning to catch friends at some point.

As for their relationship, it is not surprising that she joked about that, since they are always seen and packaged the PDA.

Not only that, but their kisses are quite infamous at this time, especially due to the video they shared from an exaggerated and comical kissing session in September.


As you will remember, people made fun of their kissing technique by saying they kissed like dead fish, so Camila and Shawn exemplified that and the clip soon went viral and a whole meme!

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