Ayesha and Steph Curry pose with their 3 children in their most adorable family photo to date: check it out!


While Ayesha and Steph Curry are not too confidential about their children on social media, every family image they share still manages to impress people and get many positive comments! After all, the couple and their three children are the family of five most beautiful and attractive people in history and the followers can't get enough!

That said, it seems that the last complement the parents published could be the most adorable, yet!

The image presents what can be considered a moment of union, as it shows his eldest children, Riley, 7, and Ryan, 4, giving a kiss on the cheek to the baby Canon, 1!

While mom and dad were also going to kiss, one of the family's dogs, the pretty fluff ball called Reza, is also watching. Is there a more perfect image out there? – Hard to believe!

The snap definitely left some fans with teary eyes and hoping they would also experience such a life in the future.

One user even commented: "Life goals here."

‘You have an amazing family! Keep breaking that glass ceiling! ", Another sprouted in the comments section.

This comes after they also shared another nice Thanksgiving photo, which featured even more family members.

In that, once again they were bathing the youngest with sweet kisses.

Next to the holiday photo, the mother wrote: "My heart is full … that's all."


Steph also posted a photo of the same celebration, this time more silly, with the caption: "Grateful for my squad today and forever."

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