12 Holiday gifts Wine lovers will toast


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Anyone can give a bottle of wine. In fact, it is a kind of safe gift at this time, especially if the gift is a wine lover. But shouldn't you make an extra effort for the wine lover in your life? Of course you should. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry. We have chosen 12 gifts that wine lovers will really love! From glasses and decanters to refrigerators and electric openers, and even some gifts that take the wine to a totally different level, these gifts will leave anyone speechless … until they are ready to open another bottle of wine, of course.

Pop the cork in these gifts for wine lovers and then enjoy the glow of having made a good gift. You deserve it. Maybe you have a glass of wine to celebrate!

Vinebox 12 nights of wine

Whether it was naughty or pleasant, Vinebox has the perfect gift for you in your wine advent calendar, 12 nights of wine. Choose "Naughty,quot; for 12 mini bottles of red, or "Nice,quot; for 12 mini bottles of white … and if it has been a bit of both, you can get both boxes.

Ivation 18 bottles thermoelectric wine cooler

If you have gone from being a wine enthusiast to a full-fledged wine lover, getting a proper wine cooler is the next step in your obsession. This aims to protect the quality and taste of its wines through a stable temperature, an optimum level of humidity and a smoked door to avoid harmful UV rays.

Wine Glasses Writers

Have you ever been to a party and mixed the glass with someone else's? Don't rely on lipstick or fingerprints to find yours anymore. Simply use one of these wine markers and write your name on the glass. When you are done with your drink, simply clean it with soap and warm water.

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

Whether you're a veteran winegrower or just enjoying a strange glass, you can always learn more about wine, and Wine Folly is the way to do it. Learn more than 100 different varieties of grapes, explore maps of wine regions, discover new food and wine transmissions, and more.

Stemless wine glasses Schott Zweisel

Are you drinking red or white? In these glasses, it doesn't matter: your wine will have a fantastic taste and it will look impressive in this large volume container with a stemless design. While it is made of glass, lead has been replaced with titanium and zirconium for durability and light reflection.

Cuisinart CWO-25 Electric Wine Opener

This compact, wireless and light electric wine opener will uncork up to 50 bottles with a charge, and will also remove synthetic or natural corks with ease, so you will not extract cork from your wine. As if that wasn't enough, it features a simple two-button operation and an aluminum cutter.

35 oz Magnificent Luigi Bormioli Decanter

As beautiful as it is functional, this decanter was designed in Italy and designed to create the perfect tasting experience, made to preserve the aroma of your wine and improve its color. And the best part? It is dishwasher safe.

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