Tyler Cameron just "had fun,quot; with "several women,quot; after separating from Gigi Hadid – Enjoying the single life!


The former Bachelorette contestant is no longer romantically involved with supermodel Gigi Hadid and does not live her best life as a single. Tyler Cameron is apparently having fun and is seeing some different women right now.

This is what a new internal report says!

After her brief but very covered affair with Gigi, Tyler was linked to a friend of Kardashian, Stassie Karanikolaou, but she doesn't seem to be ready for anything serious with her or anyone!

The source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Tyler is enjoying the single life right now. He's having fun with dating in general, but he's not looking for anything serious right now. If you ask him, he will tell you that he has not dated anyone seriously since things ended with Hannah earlier this year. Even Gigi was never very serious for him. He was spending time with her and getting to know her better, but he never felt it was a serious relationship. "

They continued saying that ‘He is still discovering life after The Bachelorette. Although he loves to date several women, he has made it clear that he is not dating exclusively anyone. He has focused his career at this time and does not want anyone to get in the way. He is very happy just having fun, but that does not mean he is against settling in the future. It is not close to its focus at this time. "

That can only mean that your fans are very happy, since part of their job means being a model of underwear!


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