The classmates of a 5-year-old boy support him in his adoption: see the photos


Circuit Court 17 – Family Division

Prepare the scarves!

A kindergarten class saw a 5-year-old boy named Michael Clark Jr. Be adopted in Kent County, Michigan, on Thursday and celebrate the most important moment by cheering and waving paper hearts.

Holly hernandez, an adoption case worker for Circuit Court 17, told E! Michael's teacher news, Kerry McKee at Wealthy Elementary School in Grand Rapids, he invited the entire class to court to show their support and help educate students in adoption. The adorable photos of the children became viral. At the time of writing this article, an image that had been posted on the county's Facebook page had accumulated about 116,000 shares.

Michael, who wore a vest and bowtie for the occasion, was adopted by Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton. According to Wooden TV, the two became Michael's adoptive parents about a year ago.

The adoption was formalized by the Honorable Patricia D. Gardner. Michigan Supreme Court Judge Stephen J. Markman I was also there to help celebrate.

In fact, Hernandez said the county finalized 36 adoptions on Thursday as part of its annual Adoption Day celebration.

Circuit Court 17 – Family Division

"There is no dry eye in Judge Patricia Gardner's room," said part of a post on the county's Facebook page.

Circuit Court 17 – Family Division

Adoptions are also finalized throughout the state each month.

Greetings to the happy family!

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