Teen Mom – Jenelle Evans is "sick and tired,quot; of everyone asking about her love life after separating from David Eason


Just over a month since he announced his separation from David Eason, Teen mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans has turned to social networks so fans know she has surpassed everyone by asking about her love life. Evans says a million people are intrusive about who she is dating and what she has been doing since the separation, and she is "sick and tired."

Evans announced that he had left Eason on October 31 via Instagram, and this week he went to Twitter to tell everyone that they should stop asking him what is going on in his life after a Twitter user told him he is famous for saying lies. .

“Everyone now KNOWS that you lie about the MOST IMPORTANT things. Then, stop talking about not going out with anyone and we CAN think that you are doing well for your children. However, that is HUGE, "wrote the skeptic.

In response, Evans tweeted that she is "sick and tired of a million people,quot; asking if she is dating an ex or friends she dates. The 27-year-old added that nobody has to worry about what she is doing, even if it's her children, and finished the tweet with a shrugged emoji.

Evans has 1.4 million followers on Twitter, and has tweeted twice this week that he's not dating anyone. Of course, Evans has lived his life in reality shows for a decade, and often shares details about his relationships and children on social media. But, apparently, she has now chosen to keep things more private.

Evans has three children: Jace, 10, Kaiser, 5, and Ensley, 2, and wrote on Instagram on October 31 that he had made some important decisions in life. Because she wants the best for her children, Evans said she decided to leave Eason after a tumultuous two-year marriage.

She also needed to find a way to earn money since MTV fired her from Teen mom 2 after Eason shot and killed the family dog ​​in the spring. The incident led CPS to take Evans's children for a few weeks before she and Eason recovered after a judicial battle.

Evans also tried to launch a $ 40 Universal Eyebrow Kit for his JE Cosmetics line at New York Fashion Week, but it was a massive failure. Experts say that Evans and Eason had run out of money and were struggling to find sources of income.


After Jenelle Evans announced her separation from David Eason, it seems that MTV has welcomed her back to Teen mom 2 and she will appear in the next meeting episode that will air on Tuesday, December 10.

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