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Tarek El Moussa's girlfriend, Heather Rae Young, wants people to stop comparing her to Christina Anstead


Tarek El Moussa's girlfriend, Heather Rae Young, has finished being compared to Christina Anstead. Despite what some people say on social media, Young is not trying to be or resemble his man's ex-wife.

It is not clear exactly how or why the comparison of the two women began to make waves in social networks. Some people on Twitter don't think it's a coincidence that both Young and Anstead have blonde hair. Yes, there are so many people with blond hair in the world, but these two must be a conspiracy.

He was struck by the theory that Young had blond hair as a way of trying to resemble Anstead. Like any normal person, Young was taken back and surprised by the crazy assumption.

“How would I be‘ trying to look like someone? The last time I checked it, I've looked like this all my life. Yes, that is my ultimate goal and I even ran to a doctor to change my appearance! Let's go guys. Let's stop being ridiculous, "he questioned in an Instagram story.

Young discredited a crazy theory among social media fans, who think she is trying to resemble Anstead. Then he decided it was time to answer some fan questions about his relationship with El Moussa and Anstead.

First was whether Young gets along or not with him Christina on the coast star. The answer yes. The two women get along very well. Anstead is the mother of the two sons of El Moussa, which means a lot to Young.

“Being close to children has brought me a lot of joy and has taught me a lot of patience. I love my life! @therealtarekelmoussa. Our life may not be perfect, but it is perfect with you. I love being part of Tarek's family, from the first day they welcomed me with open arms, "Young shared with his Instagram followers.

Christina Anstead has not yet commented on the speculation that Heather Rae Young is trying to look and act like her. However, Tarek El Moussa's girlfriend has made it clear that she is her own person and is not trying to transform herself into another person.

After all, there is a reason why his man and his ex-wife did not work. Because the Sell ​​Sunset Star try to be a person with whom El Moussa no longer has a relationship?


Young and El Moussa have strengthened since summer. Both continually fall in love on social networks, which shows that he loves her for her.

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