Rasheeda Frost boasts pink panther hair: here is her video with the new look


Rasheeda Frost is always changing her appearance and hairstyle, and even if she has beautiful natural hair, she likes to change it from time to time.

She likes to wear colorful wigs, and now she wears a rose that looks amazing on her.

‘Pink Panther 💕💕💕 hair @diamonddynastyvirginhair Ras’ Rasheeda captioned its publication.

People filled Rasheeda's comments section with high praise for her new look.

They have also been telling her that she is an inspiration to them and that she should definitely have her own reality style show.

Someone said, "I love the color, but the eyebrows are doing something different, or maybe it's just me," and another follower posted this: "You always have the MOST MAGNIFICENT hair!"

Another follower posted this: "I love that color and style in you Rasheeda,quot;, and a fan said: "I LOVE your hair! You look amazing, as always! & # 39;

Someone else posted this: ras @rasheeda, no matter what hair you wear, you're so pretty! ❤️ ’and another follower also talked about Rasheeda and said: Hermoso Beautiful! Sister, you are the only person who can literally use any hair color! "

In other news, not long ago, Rasheeda shared a video of his Pressed Boutique, and his followers praised his style once again.

Apart from this, Rasheeda has been living her best life with her family and has also been very busy at the Forst Bistro.


This is one of his dreams and those of Kirk Frost come true.

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