Nicole "Snooki,quot; Polizzi announces her retirement from the Jersey coast, says "she can't do it anymore,quot;


Jersey Shore: family vacation star Nicole "Snooki,quot; Polizzi surprised fans this week when she revealed in her podcast It's happening with Snooki and Joey He will not return to the program if there is a Season 4 because he is officially retiring. Polizzi couldn't believe he was saying it, but he decided to get away from the program because it's the best for her at the moment.

"I love you so much and don't hate me for my decision," Polizzi said. "I'm retiring from Jersey coast. I will not go back to Jersey coast for season 4 if there is one. The main reason is really … I can't do it anymore. Literally, letting my children film is very, very hard for me. "

Polizzi was single and had no children when Jersey coast It premiered in 2009, but is now married to Jionni LaValle and they share three children: Lorenzo Dominic, 7, Giovanna Marie, 5 and Angelo James, six months.

The 32-year-old woman admitted that she has tried to quit smoking every time they are filming. Jersey Shore: family vacation because he hates being away from his children. He does not like to party for three days in a row because it is no longer his life. Instead, Polizzi wants to be home with his children, but he doesn't mind going out to dinner with his friends from time to time.

"But, it is really difficult for me to leave the children and film the program," Polizzi said.

She continued explaining that lately there has been a serious drama in Jersey coast, and that is something you are not interested in. He doesn't want to leave his children for days to film a show that causes drama, and Polizzi doesn't like how they interpret it.

At this point, Polizzi says it's going to be too much, and at 32 with three children, he just wants to do a reality show if it's fun and cheerful. Unfortunately, she says that Jersey coast It hasn't been that way. And she also revealed that she and her children have received "death threats," which is a lot to deal with and is not something for which she enrolled.

Just because she retires from Jersey coast, does not mean that Polizzi is going to leave. She said she's not saying goodbye, but she just needs to move on because she doesn't like the address Jersey coast It goes because of "drama and malice."


The second half of Jersey Shore: family vacation Season 3 will premiere on MTV in 2020.

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