New report states that Shaunie O & # 39; Neal may lose producer credit for basketball wives!


Shaunie O & # 39; Neal has been at the helm of the executive producer of Basketball Wives since the show was presented. After one of the most controversial seasons, the network could be degraded by the network according to a new report.

Both fans and cast members have always had a divided opinion about Shaunie as an executive producer on the show and as a star. Some feel that if Shaq's ex-wife doesn't like a star, then they have to live in constant fear of losing their job.

During the last installment, O & # 39; Neal was accused of playing favorites with Evelyn Lozada and Malaysia Pargo, in addition to being called by colorism.

OG Chijundu felt that she was discriminated against and vilified because she was punished for being verbal and almost physically violent with multiple castmates. Viewers have mentioned the fact that Malaysia and Evelyn have hit the batters with their co-stars season after season and have not been given the same treatment.

That grape juice recently reported that a source claims that VH1 wants to get Shaunie out of her position in the EP.

Time Decision time for this ex-wife of a permanent athlete on the A + list who became a non-stop spokesperson for any company that writes a check. The ex-wife is now a reality star, but also a producer. He will have to give up that producer title (or at least all the power he had with the title) to stay for another season. "

To add insult to the injury, the businesswoman faces a lot of heat after an Instagram Live went viral where she allegedly said fans were "too interested,quot; in the reality show.

This caused several viewers to tweet that they will no longer be tuning the series.

"Shaunie went live and said fans are too interested in this program as a refutation of Evelyn's behavior, so I will invest my time elsewhere and drop those ratings," said one fan.

‘It was incredibly silly for Shaunie to go live and tell viewers that they are too interested in # #basketball. Without inverted spectators there is no show, clown. Suddenly, we are "too inverted,quot; because nobody is on her side and we miss the ancestral DNA, evilyn, "added another.


Do you think Shaunie should come out as EP?

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