Kylie Jenner takes the Stormi Webster snowboard and is adorable


Kylie Jenner is on a winter trip and recently showed photos of her and her best friend Yris Palmer dressed in Chanel and looking like snow bunnies. Now, baby Jenner is showing her own baby while riding a snowboard and having fun on her first snow trip. At 1 year old, Stormi can be one of the youngest snowboarders in the world and Stormi's photos and videos on her adventure are becoming viral.

Kylie Jenner shared photos of herself with Stormi, as well as several videos while standing on her snowboard with her 152.6 million followers on Instagram.

There is simply no doubt that Stormi Webster is absolutely adorable riding the snowboard.

Dressed in a white snowsuit with elegant black leather trimmings, and with a pink helmet, Stormi was ready to get down to work and seemed safe and confident when her snowboard was dragged through the snow.

Stormi didn't seem to have any fear or concern for his safety and clearly enjoyed the trip.

You can watch several Stormi snowboard videos in the following video player.

Kylie Jenner shared additional photos with her Instagram fans introducing her and Stormi. The mother and daughter formed an adorable couple in each photo. Kylie Jenner looked beautiful in a white fringed ski suit from Moncler Genius. The suit costs about $ 3100 and Kylie looked beautiful in the outfit.

Kylie shared several photos with her fans, including several that were captured inside the fireplace. Kylie wore several outfits, including leather pants, black leggings, a brown turtleneck shirt with leather gloves, snow boots and a swollen jacket.

The outdoor photos with Stormi were adorable and Stormi looked as cute as a button on her own miniature snowsuit while leaning on her mother's arms.

You can see several photos that Kylie Jenner shared with Stormi Webster in the photo slideshow below.

What do you think of the winter trip of Kylie and Stormi and their matching costumes? Were you surprised to see children's snowboarding?


Kylie has recently sold a large part of her business and has just launched new colors for her Kylie Cosmetics Christmas palette. What do you think of Stormi Webster's snowboarding skills?

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