Kylie Jenner is criticized for disrespecting Elsa from "Frozen,quot; with this sizzling photo


Believe it or not, Kylie Jenner is in the middle of a fight with Elsa fans of the hit movie. Frozen.

The young billionaire turned to social networks and published some sparkling photos in which she wears a tight and almost transparent snow suit that showed her impressive figure.

Kylie took a good picture while on vacation with a good friend, Yris Palmer, who wore a black version of the monkey and followed her best friend wearing a Chanel scarf and wrist silencers.

The famous reality TV star used one of her subtitles to compete a little with Elsa. She wrote: "Elsa who?"

Many fans of Frozen It was after Kylie for the legend. One person said: “Although it looks attractive. This material is so thin that you can see his belly button would surely freeze in the damn snow "Don't even disrespect Elsa like that."

Another commenter stated: "Sister, do you ever compare yourself to Queen Elsa? You WANT to be at her level. You could never be the fifth spirit of the enchanted forests and the former Queen of Carbondale, and please take a seat. She could be more natural. than you, @kyliejenner. "

This follower revealed: “Out here it looks like a SNOW BUNNY. "You are an incredibly beautiful young lady and I love you very much, but please don't compare yourself to Elsa." That is disrespectful to Elsa. 😭🤚🏻 "

Meanwhile, rumors about his romance with Drake are going crazy.

A source said Hollywood life: "Drake has definitely overcome any kind of romantic feelings towards Kylie, and is purely platonic among them right now. There were absolutely some flirting from Drake to Kylie a while ago. It was all very fun, and nothing really serious came out. Drake feels who is on good terms with Kylie, and believes they are on the same page in terms of the current situation between them. "

The person added: “Drake would never want to bother Kylie or any of the families she has known forever, so she wants to cool each and every rumor of romance. Drake will do nothing uncomfortable with Kylie, and will never want to deal with the repercussions if they become an element and then break. He prefers to stop chasing anything while still being great friends. "

The source concluded: “Drake thinks that Kylie is good and that they will hang out again, that's 100 percent. But will it become a full-fledged relationship? Definitely not! They know what they would get into if they decided to take it further, and it is safe to say that flirting with friends is the way to go. It makes sense to the people they are and the schedules they have. ”


Kylie probably won't react after Frozen controversy.

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