KUWK: Younes Bendjima, according to reports, still wants Kourtney Kardashian to come back – this is how he feels about it!


Kourtney Kardashian has nothing against spending time with her ex boyfriend and having fun together, something that really happened not too long ago! However, that is all he wants from his relationship with Younes Bendjima.

In other words, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star can't hang out because they are friends and nothing else!

You may have seen that click that showed Kourtney and Younes celebrating together in Miami, but if you are a shipper, it is better not to have hope because that does not mean they are together again.

A source tells HollywoodLife that "it is obvious that there is still a great heat between Kourtney and Younes, so people are simply assuming they are back together." But Kourtney swears he's just a friend. "

At the same time, it makes sense that people think they are reunited because since their separation, they have been seen in the company of others, as close as ever, several times!

The model was even invited to her birthday party in April and that happened after Younes had left some flirty comments under her hot photos, something she seemed to appreciate.

It's quite obvious that Younes wants Kourtney to come back, but he doesn't seem to be lucky.

The source shared with the same medium that outlet Kourtney does not call Younes her boyfriend. If you ask her, she is 100% single. However, Younes doesn't see it that way. He is in love with her and is still working hard to convince her to do her boyfriend again. "


While the man is happy to be his friend for now, since that is all she allows him to be, he "would take Kourtney back in a second if she gives him a real chance," said a second source.

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