Kim Kardashian accused of Photoshop failure after sharing photos for the new Glitz & Glam KKW beauty collection


Kim Kardashian is being accused of failing in Photoshop after sharing photos for her new Glitz & Glam makeup collection that was launched on December 6, 2019. Sharing the photos in her official Instagram account and in the KKW Beauty account, Kim I didn't expect The reaction he received. While many people left comments saying that the makeup colors were glamorous, they also said they felt that Kim Kardashian seemed unrecognizable. In particular, people disagreed with Kim Kardashian's eyes and said they didn't look the same as they were used to seeing.

Kim has 153.2 million followers on Instagram who are used to seeing Kim look aside in all her photos and many who notice slight differences in her appearance immediately.

Not only one photo received negative comments, but several photos. Some suggested that Kim looks different because she is not using her traditional heavy black eyeliner, but others say it is a clear Photoshop failure that has made her look like someone else.

The Kardashian are no stranger to the accusations of Photoshop and all Kardashians and Jenners, it is Khloe Kardashian who receives the most criticism and accusations for over-editing his images and is continually accused of surgically altering his appearance.

You can see Kim Kardashian's photo using makeup for the Glitz & Glam collection that has more than 1 million likes and more than 3,500 comments below.

While some accuse Kim of taking photos of her photos, others say that the reason she looks different is because she isn't editing her photos as much as she used to.

An Instagram follower left this comment on Kim's photo.

"I think Kim is editing here (sic) images much less and I'm really digging."

You can see a previous photo of Kim Kardashian below.

Here is another photo of Kim Kardashian with the Glitz & Glam palette in her eyes.

What you think? Do you feel that Kim Kardashian looks different in her photos because of Photoshop or do you think she is not editing her photos too much, therefore, she looks different?


Do you think it looks different because it uses different makeup colors, such as deep burgundy lip, compared to the bare lip you prefer?

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