Josh Murray admits his experiences in The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise "Still Stings,quot;


The Bachelor and Single in paradise Alum, Josh Murray has admitted his experiences in the two ABC programs that continue to itch.

Murray has had his share of the drama of the relationship thanks to the Bachelor franchise. Now he is opening up on his time in the spotlight.

The reality star also talked about what life has been like since she appeared on reality shows. In addition, Murray revealed the hardest part of trying to have a relationship in the spotlight.

“Only all the negativity later, and all the lies, and all the dishonesty, and all the hyperbole and the statements that were out there. It was very difficult to deal with that. I like people, so I enjoy people in general, and what happened was very difficult for me to have to deal with people who believed certain things that were not true. And I guess I have to take responsibility because I also put myself in those situations, "said the 35-year-old. MY! News.

The media met Murray at the fifth annual auction of Susan G. Koman Los Angeles County Babes for Boobs Live Bachelor Auction. He was present to organize the important event. Murray also revealed that there is a lot of dirt regarding his experience in Bachelor Nation that has not yet been said.

Instead of revealing all the dirty details, Murray focuses on living a life full of positivity. There will be nothing to say about this ex The Bachelor.

"If I talked about the program and the girls, it would not be a good thing, I would like to highlight something positive. I have learned many things and there are many things I can talk about that I would not despise anyone else," he shared.

Although he is focusing on being positive and staying silent right now, Murray hopes to one day tell his truth.

“What kills me all the time is that I want to tell the truth. But it is hard. It's like I said, it's just one, it's a trap 22 really. I don't want to speak badly, but at the same time, I want to tell the truth. That always itches me, although years have passed, it still itches. It hurts, ”said Murray.


Josh Murray of The Bachelor and BEEP Fame has a lot to say about his time in both programs. When the time is right, the reality show star will tell her version of the story and reveal why being involved in the franchise still hurts.

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