Jason Momoa apologizes to Chris Pratt after his water bottle warning causes swarms of violent fan reactions


Jason Momoa was being the friendly Aquaman neighborhood we all needed when he warned fellow superhero Chris Pratt to stop using plastic water bottles. Unfortunately, the announcement caused a total war in the actor's comments section.

In case you missed it, Chris shared a photo of himself where he is seen holding a plastic water bottle.

Jason, activist and actor, commented: ‘Brother, I love you. Not plastic for single use. come on. & # 39;

Momoa has its own water line that is distributed in cans in an effort to help the general population reduce, reuse and recycle.

However, his simple comment caused chaos with fans who came to hit the star of Parks and Rec.

One person wrote: ‘Just say no to plastic. You are better than this. That bottle will be on this earth for 200-1000 years. "

Another added: ‘GET A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE G ******* CHRIS.

"Ooooooh great so join Amazon and use water bottles … COOL,quot; replied another

The comments section was filled with thousands of other messages that embarrassed Pratt for his single-use plastic container.

There were also some people defending the Star of Guardians of the Galaxy and fans began to argue.

Jason returned to the social media platform to apologize for the disaster he indirectly made.

He shared a photo of him and Pratt along with his two children and accompanied the publication with a legend that said: ‘@prattprattpratt BRO, you know my children and I am madly in love with you and I love everything you do. I regret that today was received so badly that I did not want that to happen. I am very passionate about this single-use plastic epidemic. Plastic water bottles have to stop, I hope you make a reusable water bottle for Amazon so we can all buy it. You are an inspiration to many, I am one of them. I will send you a case of MANANALU. All my Aloha, from Da Momoa

There is no lost love between the partners because Chris responded with an apology of his own.

‘Aquaman! You're right. Gives ****. I always carry my large gallon reusable water jug ​​with me. I even had it that day! If I remember correctly, someone threw that plastic bottle at the photo shoot because I didn't know what to do with my hands. I love you too friend. My mistake. I don't want your Atlantis house to be covered in plastic. Do you hear that children? Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. & # 39;


It's great to see that both stars are passionate about saving the planet.

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