Fantasia explains why he regrets trying to commit suicide in the past


It has been almost a decade since the music star and actress Fantasia was admitted to a medical institution, where he fought for his life after attempting suicide and taking a huge amount of aspirin and sleeping pills.

The singer, who gained much fame for being the winner of the third season of the reality series. American idol In 2004, she opened up and talked about the experience of her suicide attempt and what led her to it during an episode of Behind the music, which aired in 2010.

At that time, the diva explained that she had no fight in her and that she didn't care about anything.

Fantasia also confessed that she wanted to end her life, go to sleep and find peace.

The R,amp;B diva admitted that she looked in the mirror before taking all the pills from the bottle she was holding, and that she was perfectly aware of what she was doing at the time.

However, life has certainly improved for Fantasia, and her suicidal thoughts are a thing of the past now.

Sitting on Good morning america With Robin Roberts, he explained: "I think everyone feels that I tried to hurt myself by a man, but you know that I have had many bad relationships." I think that had something to do with it because it was very heavy, it was new information, it was already going through a lot. But I think it was only six years of everything, of me holding all those things inside and not letting out … I got very tired, very much. When I woke up, I discovered: "Oh, God, this is going to be more drama."

While appearing in The real, the singer revealed: “When I tried to get away from the world. Some would say "commit suicide." I didn't think it was me trying to kill myself. I just wanted to be away from all the noise. If I could do that again, I would do it. "

In the recent interview during an episode of "The Real," the star was asked if there was anything that would change if he had the chance.

According to Fantasia, trying to end his life was what he would do if possible.

Currently, the singer is the proud mother of two children, a teenager and a child, and in 2015, she married businessman Kendall Taylor.


In addition to his sixth studio album, Sketchpad, arriving at stores in the coming weeks, Fantasia also participates in a tour with colleagues Robin Thicke, Tank and The Bonfyre.

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