Alisha Wainwright continues to be attacked on Twitter after Justin Timberlake leaves


Earlier this week, Justin Timberlake made headlines when he was photographed by Alisha Wainwright, his co-star in the new movie they are working on, Palmero The pair was seen dating the paparazzi together, and people immediately noticed that Wainwright did not resemble his wife at all.

As previously reported, the actress and pop star were seen leaving a New Orleans bar in Louisiana during the filming of her next film. The cast and crew enjoyed a night in the city and had drinks.

When the photos reached the general press, Justin Timberlake apparently was overwhelmed by the violent reaction he had to respond in a statement, which included an apology to his wife, Jessica Biel. Justin said in his statement that nothing happened between him and Wainwright. He described it as a temporary "trial period."

According to reports, in a video of the incident, Justin Timberlake seemed quite intoxicated. Although many people are supposedly starting to forgive Mr. Timberlake, other women on social media are less forgiving of Alisha's behavior.

One of those tweets is an example of the kind of vitriol that the Hollywood actress has received since then.

While the reason for his sudden attention attack is doubtful, at best, there is no doubt that the Internet is suddenly full of interest in Alisha Wainwright. Even the cosmopolitan began to gather information and write extensive articles on the background of the star.

According to Cosmopolitan, Wainwright was born in the summer of 1989 in Florida. Initially, before beginning to act, the actress was interested in science instead of acting. The star moved to Panama after studying botany for the Smithsonian.

During a conversation with W Magazine, Alisha described the difficulties in the scientific field, including the fact that departments often compete for the same amount of money for their research. The star said he couldn't find the money to focus on his "anthropological-botanical approach."


Consequently, he had to expand his studies and, frankly, he was not interested in doing so. In addition, the actress shared that her guiding light in the world was her mother.

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