13 gifts for the compulsive observer in your life


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Ahhh, there is nothing like a good compulsive clock. The hours you spent in front of your TV, computer or phone, nothing more than you and your favorite show and lots of snacks for a day, all curled up on the couch or in bed to enjoy a quality moment with your favorite streamer .

Sounds like perfection, right? Well, imagine if it could be more perfect … and then imagine that you could help someone else experience that perfection for themselves! That's why we created this list of gifts for the compulsive observer in your life: so you can give them what they really want, which are more things that support your marathon viewing sessions.

Check out our list and choose your favorites below! And then don't blame us when your loved ones never leave their house again.

Table Tray Bed With Folding Legs

First things first: you need a functional snack tray. And while it doesn't have to be elegant, at least it should have a minimum of style. This is made of bamboo, so it is ecological, and has handles and folding legs.

Multifunction double layer snack

Snack tray? Check. Now you need a snack bowl. This not only has two levels, which makes it easy to stack your sandwiches twice, or give you a practical place to store shells when you are eating nuts, but also holds your phone, so you can continue watching your program when you go to the kitchen for refills.

X-Large crushed memory foam reading pillow with cup holder

For times when you are not prone, you need the right support. Insert this cozy pillow, made of memory foam inside and velvet on the outside. And as an additional advantage, the arms have molded cup holders to ensure that you don't spill your drink when there is emotion on the screen.

Sherpa Fleece Bed Blanket

And why not add comfort with a Sherpa wool blanket? It is light but warm, and softness abounds on both sides with fleece on one and Sherpa soft and fluffy on the other. Perfect to see binge eating on a winter night. (Or any night, really)

Joywell Sofa Armrest Organizer

When you are in the middle of a mega session of compulsive observation, you don't want anything to interrupt you, so it is best to have everything you need at your fingertips. This armrest organizer will save your remote control, phone, iPad and even magazines and books, but why would you need those …

COWIN E7 active noise canceling headphones

Maybe your marathon session will take you until late at night, and those with whom you share a house are not too interested in the noise of your program that wakes you from a deep sleep. Get these noise canceling headphones prepared for Bluetooth and designed to pair with your TV. Problem solved.

UltraIdeas Women's Cozy Memory Foam Knit Shoes

In the event that an insensitive soul arrives at your door in the middle of your compulsive observation session, you will want to make sure you have a pair of solid slippers to take you from the sofa to the door and tell them to leave. . These have a hard bottom sole, but they have memory foam inside, so they are still comfortable.

Lightning cable with MFi certification longer than 12 feet vCharged

Whether you're looking on your phone or iPad, or just need to make sure you have enough juice to stay connected to the outside world (ew!), This cable is long enough to reach the power outlet through the room and keep it on for days and days.

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