Zonnique Pullins and Reginae Carter are living their best life in Dubai – Look at the magnificent desert photos!


Zonnique Pullins is in Dubai with Reginae Carter and other friends for Toya Wright's birthday. Nae recently turned 21 and is now partying in Dubai with her best friends.

Both Zonnique and Nae shared many photos of the dream place on their social media accounts.

Someone told Reginae: oh man! Dubai for 21 that's how you do it ’

Another follower posted this: ‘I really love you. You are so cute, you always have a good time and you seem like a great energy to be around! Very indifferent. 🖤 ​​’

Nae also shared a photo on which he rides a camel, and captioned it with the following words: "It's the camel for me!" The pose gives me a lot "I don't want it on my back,quot; hahaha.

Zonniqyue's mother, Tiny Harris, also shared a photo of her daughter in Dubai, and captioned it with: "It has always been a ray of sunshine for me @zonniquejailee I love you and every time I see your face and only the woman you are … I think, damn it, I did that! A mother's dream son. Have fun and create memories. I'm waiting to know everything about them. #Naevember #NaeTakesDubai '

Zonnique replied: ‘I love you more than mommy life! thanks for being everything you are❤️ ’

His man, Bandhunta Izzy also showed love to Zonnique in the comments.

A follower said: ‘You definitely did it lil mama !!! Love ❤️ you are small !!! You are an amazing mother, wife and friend! I wish I had a good friend like you. "

Reginae's birthday party was amazing, and you can see this in the tons of photos and videos that both Toya and Nae shared on their social media accounts.


Some rumors claim that the massive amount of roses surrounding Nae in the photos was from his former boo, YFN Lucci, but this has not been confirmed.

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