YOU. He is celebrating the birthdays of his friends, C-Rod Thomas and Jay Z


YOU. Celebrates the birthdays of his friends C-Rod Thomas and Jay Z. As always, the rapper made sure to mark these important events by sharing some posts on his social media account as well. Check them out below.

'Happy Gday to my Big (protected email) _rodthomas Guess U won the race for 40 my nigga … It has been a crazy race since 96 … My real brother … Having the same parents could not make us closer . BIG LOVE 4ya … Gives REAL kind Live it UP King Tip ️ ’Tip subtitled its publication.

Someone commented: "Happy birthday, I remember meeting you at the mall, it was super quiet!"

Here is the publication of Tip for Jay Z's birthday:

‘Happy Gday To my other Big Brother #Hov Thx for giving the game and paving the way for young children like the USA. UU. Forward and upward. Love and respect the king 👑 ’

Someone said: "Advice, I love you, one of the few most real PERIOD left,quot; @ troubleman31 "and another follower published this:" Funny, the billionaire wears simple outfits and only a watch. Watch and learn. & # 39;

Another follower also had a message for Tip and wrote this: ‘here in thejoint_tv we appreciate you and everything you do. Please continue reaching and passing the torch brother. We hope to have you on the program. "

Apart from this, Tip has been in the spotlight a lot recently. First, he received tons of shade after some statements he made about his daughter, Deyjah Harris.

You probably already know that he was beaten after publicly saying he would take her to the gynecologist periodically to make sure she is still a virgin.


More than that, he also admitted to cheating on his wife Tiny Harris, and this also caused him a lot of hate on social media.

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