WWHL – Andy Cohen is "enraged,quot; after President Trump nominated a federal justice subrogation advocate


Andy Cohen became a father for the first time at age 50 earlier this year when he received his son Ben through a substitute. Cohen is a proud father who loves to show off his baby on Instagram, but if the new judge who nominated President Trump had his way, Cohen would not have been able to have Ben, and that makes him look red.

During a recent episode of Watch what happens liveCohen called the newly confirmed federal judge Sarah Pitlyk, whom he named President Trump, as his "Jackhole of the Day,quot; because she has been a longtime anti-subrogation advocate.

President Trump nominated Pitlyk for a federal jury in the home state of Cohen, Missouri, and was later confirmed by the Senate, even though "he has never participated in a criminal matter at any time." Instead, Pitlyk has spent his career "aggressively pursuing people's rights to use fertility and subrogation treatments."

The post comes with a lifetime appointment, and Cohen explained to his viewers how much damage Pitlyk could cause to people who want to start a family using alternative methods.

"Which means that if you were one of the millions of couples struggling to conceive or that you turned to subrogation to start a family, as I did to have Ben, you're totally screwed on this woman's watch," Cohen said.

She went on to say that the American Bar Association called Pitlyk "unqualified for the role," and what she has done in her career makes this country "less safe and fair for people whose greatest desire is to have a family."

Cohen ended his rant by telling Judge Pitlyk that he will send him a diaper shipment with poop on behalf of his son.

When Cohen posted the clip on his Instagram page, he wrote in the caption that he was "enraged," and fans quickly flooded the comments section with supporting messages. One fan wrote that this is why they left Missouri, and another called Pitlyk a "loss of space."

A third admirer wrote that she was a woman struggling with fertility, and it was discouraging to know that another woman could take away the opportunity to be a mother.


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