Southern Charm producers reportedly contacted relatives of Thomas Ravenel to add drama to the new stagnant season


Southern Charm is reportedly returning for another season, but the new word on the street is that the last season lacked so much drama that producers are desperately looking for new cast members to join the lineup. A report states that they have even contacted a relative of Thomas Ravenel for qualifications.

Last season, Shep Rose took the title of resident villain in Bravo's success. Unfortunately, it was not enough to compensate for the absence of T. Rav, who was dealing with legal problems.

Although Thomas himself has said he will never return due to his tense relationship with the cast and producers that he dragged into his long judicial battle with Kathryn Dennis, Cameron Eubanks recently said he would not be surprised if he made his way. back.

Fans could not hear about the drama between the two parents last season and will not be able to do so in the new installment because it was written in the custody agreements that Dennis is not allowed to talk about it on the show. The two children cannot appear on the camera either.

According to Radar Online, the showrunners supposedly approached Ravenel's relatives to join the series.

‘The producers of the Charm of the South are desperate. They contacted some of Thomas's relatives about being in the next season. Thomas's cousin brother, Lee Ravenel, was contacted to be on the show, but declined. They want stories about Thomas and his children from the family point of view. But this seemed like an exaggeration and people say no. "

This is the second time that the program is said to be in trouble in a matter of a few months. Fans hoped that filming would begin soon when the stars appeared in Bravocon.

The informant went on to say: "Bravo is looking for new cast members and there is simply no story that they really want to cover right now."


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