Sean Lowe, the secret of Catherine Giudici for lasting love after single


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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Soon you will welcome your third child together.

Lifelong love affairs, which got engaged in season 17 of The Bachelor, I have a lot to celebrate at these parties. In addition to a new addition to their family, the couple is preparing to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. Alumni of the reality show got married in January 2014, live on television!

Sean and Catherine, who are parents of Samuel Thomas Lowe and Isaiah Hendrix Lowe, they shared their news about pregnancy with fans in June 2019.

"The first two have been great," Sean wrote in his announcement post. "So why not a third?"

Catherine also added on her Instagram, "#PartyofFive,quot;.

While the couple prepares the baby, they are serving E! News about the next arrival, as well as their post-relationshipSingle.

"I feel good!" Catherine tells E! News. "I'm trying to handle all the busy things I have to do. It's the perfect storm right now because we have Christmas and the baby is coming and my business is uninterrupted, so it's just a matter of me being intentional about what my priority is. ".

She adds with a smile, "But I feel great!"

When asked if her children are excited to have a new brother or sister, Catherine shares: "Isaiah doesn't know anything (laughs), but Samuel has been feeling a baby's kick and he loves it. They are very sweet."

"Samuel, when I originally asked him, do you think he is a boy or a girl and he was like a girl, I already have a brother," says Catherine. "So I would love to have a girl, but I have to prepare both of us for the potential that he will be a boy and be another brother."


Sean and Catherine have been strong since the meeting on the reality show in 2013, so what is the secret to a successful relationship after Single?

"In my opinion, I think I found someone who, one, she really loved me with everything I had, but two, we both got engaged," Sean explains. "And I give Catherine a lot of credit because Catherine had to leave her hometown of Seattle, leave her job, leave her friends and basically start a new life with me. But she promised to love me and work in our relationship and she continued working afterwards. of getting married in our marriage to be the best possible wife, which is not always easy after making all those sacrifices. "

He also adds: "I think it all comes down to compromise and that is something really hard to do, especially in those circumstances, but I give Catherine all the credit because she did a wonderful job in that regard."

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And Catherine agrees with Sean's "sweet,quot; feeling, telling E! News, "I feel the same just because in the circumstances in which you start your relationship, everything is against you and especially with the man as the protagonist in a program like this, there is a lot of female attention you receive and many new and exciting things that could take advantage. And I think Sean did a very good job of making it clear that he was not interested in anyone else even though he could have done it. "

Catherine adds that from the beginning they "respected each other,quot; and that they knew that the times to come would be "really difficult."

With a growing family, one of the couple's favorite things is to spend a night with their children. Sean and Catherine, who have partnered with Bertolli Pasta Sauce, love to enjoy homemade family meals.

"I cook most of the time and again, it makes me very happy," Catherine tells E! News. "Even after the baby arrives, I really want to make that another priority of mine because my other children think that is a norm and I want to continue with that. It gives them a lot of happiness. And also how convenient and delicious Bertolli's recipes are with its sauces, it is an easy victory for all. "

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