Nipsey Hussle shooter's father Eric Holder reportedly killed

<pre><pre>Nipsey Hussle shooter's father Eric Holder reportedly killed
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The news of the alleged death of Eric's father comes two months after the man accused of killing the rapper & # 39; The Life & # 39; was found & # 39; almost dead & # 39; Inside his cell.

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Misery seems to have surrounded the family of Nipsey HussleThe supposed Eric Holder shooter. The jailed man, accused of killing the rapper, may mourn the loss of his father, who reportedly was killed.

There are no details on the death of Eric's father available until the time of publication, and it is not clear whether the alleged murder of the father was in retaliation for the murder of Nipsey. If the news were true, Eric's father would be the fourth of his family members who died since he allegedly shot and killed the hit creator "Feelin & # 39; Myself".

A day after Nipsey's death, two men believed to be Eric's cousins ​​were shot dead in South Central. Later, in April, a month after the alleged murder of Eric de Nipsey, his half-brother reportedly died of suicide. The 17-year-old teenager shares a father with Eric, but is from a different mother. It is believed that none of Eric's four family members has anything to do with the murder of Nipsey.

Eric was arrested on April 2, two days after being caught by the surveillance camera shooting Nipsey several times in front of his Marathon clothing store in South Los Angeles. He has been charged with a charge of murder, two of attempted murder and one of possession of a firearm by a criminal.

In September, it was reported that he was found "almost dead" inside his cell. He was believed to have attempted suicide while awaiting the decision in his trial for the murder of Nipsey. A screenshot of Eric's inmate registry that has circulated online shows that he was taken to "USCM" (Medical Center of the University of Southern California), or to Los Angeles County Hospital, on September 19. Inmates are only transferred to the medical center in case of a serious medical emergency. Before being transferred to the hospital, Eric was held in solitary confinement.


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