Lauren London reveals the last gift Nipsey Hussle gave her and shares a heartbreaking story about her son, Kross Asghedom


GQ recently published a new article dedicated to the late rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle, who was tragically killed earlier this year.

Gerrick D. Kennedy's piece, called "The Light of Los Angeles," draws attention to the many talents and positive qualities of the deceased, as well as the legacy he left to the world of music.

In addition, the article also presents the thoughts and stories of some of Nipsey's closest friends and family, including his six-year-old girlfriend and mother of his son, actress Lauren London.

Lauren looked back when she met the rapper through familiar friends, who prepared them.

Finally, the two began to see each other, even if they never had a proper first date, as Lauren described.

However, although the actress opened up and talked about some intimate details of their relationship, she did not want to share anything about the last days before Nipsey was shot down.

Lauren explained that it was still very difficult for her, and that she had to be strong for her children, especially with Kross Asghedom, a 3-year-old boy, who still asks for his father and does not understand why he no longer returns home with his family . .

Lauren shared: "I can't talk about our last day together, and I still have to be strong for my children. I have a three-year-old boy who still asks:" Where is dad? "He doesn't understand the concept of death. I haven't I was able to digest its fullness because it is overwhelming and I am in the process of healing myself and my family. But I absolutely feel the love of the city. "

The model and actress also revealed the last gift Nipsey gave her: “A couple of days before her death, she bought me three books. One was a book about fatherhood. He loved power against force. He swore that book and got a lot of it from him. I mean, between him and me, we almost had a library.

Several Nipsey colleagues also shared some of their memories with him. Meek Mill described the late artist artist as cool and serene.

Mill recalled that the two collaborated on a new joint album and said three or four songs were ready, but then the tragic death of Nipsey occurred.


The idea behind the project was to combine the skills of the two rappers, who were very excited to work together.

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